Tuesday, November 3, 2015

10 Times the Walking Dead Ruined My Life

The Walking Dead is a show that everyone has heard of and hopefully watched at least once before. It is my favorite show by far. But the show has been an emotional roller coaster for me. I have had my ups and downs with it whether it be a character dying or waiting a week or several months to provide some type of comfort over a cliff hanger. So, I've decided to document the top 10 times TWD ruined my life. This post might contain some spoilers so if you plan on watching the show or missed a few episodes, now may be the time to stop reading.

10: Carl having to shoot Lori after Judith's birth.
   Lori will forever remain as one of my least favorite characters on The Walking Dead, so to be honest I wasn't devastated to see her go. However, witnessing Carl shoot his own mother is another story. My heart broke for Carl and for Rick. What's worse than finding out your wife died giving birth to your best friend's baby? Pretty much nothing. Her death had a lot of awful consequences including Rick losing his title of leader. Yet her death did cause a lot of good stuff to happen. Carl became a man and Rick isn't afraid of losing anything anymore. Also, we don't have to deal with Lori whining about her personal problems which is a total plus.

9: T-Dawg's Death.
  T-Dawg was a very minor character. Yet, he did have a special place in my heart. He sacrificed himself to save Carol and for that I am grateful. After being with us for three seasons he succumbed to the prison's hoard of walkers and lost his life helping out Carol. Thank you, T-Dawg for allowing Carol to still be with us and grow after all this time.

8: Walker Sophia emerging from Hershel's barn.
   In season 2, we were all dealing with Sophia's disappearance. Daryl put more effort into finding Sophia, Carol's daughter, than anyone. However, Shane reveals to everyone that the walkers must come out of Hershel's barn and despite Hershel's rules, Shane lets them all loose. After what seems to be the saddest walker death scene ever (watching all of Hershel's friends and relatives dies) Sophie emerges from the barn as a young walker. After a whole season of trying to find Sophia, we realize that her fate has turned for the worst and that she is gone. Something about child walkers really bothers me and for that Sophia's death will always stick with me.

7: "Look at the flowers, Lizzie."
   Lizzie's death was something I saw coming the whole episode. What I didn't expect was for Lizzie to go psycho and kill her sister. Again, I hate seeing children succumb to these awful fates, but the show is all about killing off characters in the worst way possible. Carol, the motherly figure of the group, has to shoot Lizzie in a fashion similar to that of Of Mice and Men. I would be lying if I said I didn't tear up a little bit. Lizzie just wanted to help the walkers, but instead she got to join them.

6: Any flashback ever.
   The Walking Dead is notorious for showing flashbacks of the character's lives before the outbreak and even flashbacks of people before they died (AKA Shane appearing in the smoke when Rick is having some type of delusional episode). Any flashback of a character is a quick way to ruin me. For example, seeing Abraham's troubled life between him and his family made me develop compassion towards him. I actually feel sorry for Abraham all the time now, and I blame knowing his backstory for that reason. Furthermore, these flashbacks make me become even more attached to the characters because I genuinely feel like I know them. After all, I get the luxury of seeing them at their worst moments. So if one of these characters dies, I feel like I have lost someone I personally know (Thank you TWD for always killing off my favorite characters!).

5: Andrea's death at Woodbury.
   Despite popular opinion, Andrea was one of my favorite characters. She made some bad decisions, but falling in love with the Governor might have been the worst. She tried fixing her mistakes, but despite her efforts the Governor ended her life. He tied her up, shot Milton and Milton bit her. The saddest part of it all is that Michonne is the one to kill poor, sick Andrea. My heart broke in a million pieces watching Michonne kill her best friend.

4: Carl shooting Shane.
   Kudos to Carl for always shooting Rick's closest friends and family. This seems to be a reoccurring theme for him. Although Shane went a little crazy towards the end of his life, Shane was always one of my favorites. He was a good leader. He may have done some bad things, but if it weren't for him, Carl and Lori probably wouldn't have made it past season one. Even though we all saw it coming, I was devastated when I saw Shane come back to life as a walker. But, I guess he had it coming. Carl saved Rick and that is what truly matters.

3: Hershel's unfortunate encounter with The Governor.
   Who didn't love Hershel? He was the sweetest and strongest old man of the apocalypse, I'm sure. Unfortunately his care, compassion, and fairness all led up to his demise. As soon as the Governor had Hershel and Michonne on their knees in front of the prison, I knew something bad was going to happen. A part of me was hoping that someone would come and save the day, but if there is anything I learned in TWD it is that you need to expect the worst. The Governor chopped Hershel's head off and my life ended for about 3 months.

2: Merle's final sacrifice.
   Merle might have been one the of the most dynamic characters on the show. He started off as a jerk who ended up working for the Governor only to leave for the benefit of his baby brother, Daryl. Now if you don't like the Dixon brothers then you really need to reevaluate yourself. My twin sister and I always talked about how Daryl and Merle were our favorite characters, which should come at no surprise that one of them ended up dying. Merle develops a plan to destroy Woodbury involving leading a hoard of walkers to Woodbury's walls and killing off the guards. It all works in his favor until the Governor catches on shoots Merle. And as if there wasn't another reason to hate the Governor, here's the catch: he doesn't shoot Merle in the head. So guess who finds Merle as a walker? That's right. Daryl. And guess who has to shoot Merle? Again, Daryl. That whole scene broke my heart. To see Daryl cry, made me want to cry. Nothing is worse than shooting the brother that took you three seasons to find again only to have him change for the better and turn into a walker. We all still miss you, Merle.

1: Glenn's dumpster mishap.
   Now, Glenn's death still hasn't been proven, but that doesn't make this whole event any less sad. As a collective group, every TWD fan did like Glenn. I am sure of it. What isn't to like about Glenn? He never did anything bad. He saved people, even the ones who didn't deserve it. Nicholas shot himself and took Glenn down with him and unfortunately we still haven't found out if Glenn is dead or not. In my mind he is alive, but based on previous experiences I foresee death in his future. The saddest part about everything is that my boyfriend and I had a conversation and hour before the episode aired about how Glenn was our favorite character. Also, Maggie has lost literally everyone she ever loved so to have Glenn gone would be a tragedy. Until, I see Glenn alive and Maggie running into his arms, my life will forever be over in the The Walking Dead world.

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  1. Lizzie needed to be put down. Carol recognized she was dangerous. It was shocking, but no surprise that Carol took care of the situation.