Monday, April 4, 2016

Why Reading Should Be Everyone's New Hobby

A bibliophile is someone how loves or collects books. I pride myself on my love of books. However, I am a bit displeased to find out that not everyone loves books the way I do. Last weekend, I was telling my boyfriend about the book I had just finished. Although he never actually understands the things I tell him, he always listens to my rants and facts about books and characters. I really appreciate this about him. However, I told him to read The Harry Potter series (who doesn't love that series?). That is where things really went downhill. He had the audacity to look me in the face and say "But I've seen all of the movies." I was just appalled that he would even think such an absurd thing. I know he's not the only person out there who feels this way. I have several friends who feel the exact same way about books. Why read the book when you can just watch the movie? I like to imagine that books are like a house. You have the foundation which is sort of like the plot. It holds the whole story together. Then you have the necessities like a door and some windows. Maybe a chimney thrown in there too. Those are the characters. I like to think of the roof as a conclusion that finishes the whole house. However, you wouldn't just live in a pile of wood or a pile of bricks would you? That is basically what a movie is. The movie compared to the book is just an unfinished house. You can't really establish a story in an hour without taking things out. I want everyone to reestablish their love for reading.
I know a lot of you are thinking "I just don't have the time." Well you have to make time. You don't need to go out and buy a 900 page book to love reading. There are so many books out there. If time is truly an issue you can always buy audio books and listen to them in the car. There are no excuses. Also, "I hate reading" is definitely not an excuse. The only people who hate reading are those who have never done it properly. Our school systems do a severe injustice to us especially in high school. In high school I had to read so many books I really just didn't like. Being forced to read really takes the enjoyment out of it especially if it's a book you have no interest in. Don't base the books you read in school on all of the books out there. There are billions and billions of books in the world. You just need to find that one. Your book soulmate. You'll know when you find it because it will make you fall in love with reading. It will be the book that you go back to every time. I'm lucky. I fell in love with books at a very young age. I don't have just one book soulmate. I have entire series. I love the Harry Potter series. Those are the books I go back to when I've finished all the books I need to read. I keep going back to those books because they make me feel like I'm falling in love with reading all over again. Not everyone is like that though. Finding your book takes a lot of trial and error. I've read so many books in my lifetime. I'd be lying if I said that I loved every book I ever read. Some books will disappoint you. Some books will make you cry. Some books will take you on a journey. Books are so powerful. Think about it: tiny words on paper have the power to educate and inspire. How amazing is that? There is a book for everything. There is a book for everyone. I promise. I encourage everyone to go out tomorrow or the next day and just read. Just take 30 minutes out of your day to read a book. You will not regret it.

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